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  • Everyone has their own golden path

    Visualizing this concept was straightforward

  • بی تو به سر نمی شود

    Without you, life is impossible

    Persian poem by Rumi

  • دعای داریوش کبیر برای ایران

    Inscription of Darius

    For a while now, it seems like both our own enemies and those from other countries, along with lies and lack of rain, have been big problems for people. And today, we’re still dealing with the same issues. Maybe we should take a good look at what happened in the past and learn from it?…

  • من تنها نیستم

    I’m not alone!

    I spotted this sentence on a wall. Sat in my mind and I thought I should write it too. Anyone can imagine a different continuation of this sentence: I am not alone because… For me, the it goes like this: I am not alone, as God is by my side.

  • Phoenix - God is with me

    God is with me, VI

    Phoenix dies and rises from his own ashes. It is very attractive to me. When I wanted to make a new design of God is with me, I thought it could be in the form of a phoenix. Although you may see the design and finally say that it is just a bird, which is…

  • خداوند شبان من است

    The Lord is my Shepherd, II

    When I was designing the Lord is my Shepherd, Psalm 23, I wrote it with different brushes and tried different handwriting styles. I printed the first design on t-shirts and boards (check that here). Later, when I was looking among the etudes, I saw bold and larger writings and I thought it would be very…

  • In praise of H. E. Sayeh

    I hope it honors his memory well

  • نسبت طلایی روی تیشرت


    Well, apart from typography, I also did other designs for T-shirts. One of them is the Fibonacci scheme or the golden ratio. I am very attached to these amazing numbers. A pattern that you can find wherever you look in living nature. There is something strange about this sequence of Fibonacci numbers that draws me…

  • Minimal Movie Posters

    Minimal posters of memorable Iranian movies.

  • بایزید بسطامی

    Be Real.

    Many people have talked about “being yourself” and there are different teachings about it from the East to the West. But, I believe, this concept has been expressed in its most attractive form by Bayazid Bastami. The rich concept in addition to its beauty in Persian prose is amazing. Translating it into English reduces a…

  • من همانم که هستم

    I am that I am

    One of my favorite artists is Maurice Escher and his works. So, it’s no wonder that I love so-called impossible geometric shapes. One of the most famous of them is the impossible triangle or Penrose triangle. I had previously used this form to recreate the Blue Fish Dream logo. When I came to this verse…

  • Abtin Baktash

    In Praise of Baktash Abtin

    I don’t know Abtin Bektash well, maybe not at all. I only know a little about his last days and have read some of his poems. However, when I heard about his death, I was deeply affected. At that moment, I made this.

  • Persian typography on tshirt

    The Lord’s Sward

    I believe this marks the fourth time I typed this phrase – God is with me. The third design, which I had printed on a t-shirt, garnered positive feedback, posing a challenge for me. I was in search of a specific concept. It was then that my girlfriend suggested a sword as a symbol. So,…

  • خدا با من است

    God is with me, V

    I wanted to write God is with me in the form of sea waves. The initial idea was this. After I started to sketch, I reached the Cursive handwriting (continuous written form) of English. A continuous line that spirals forward and makes words. Fantastic! I thought it would be an interesting experience to take a…

  • خداوند شبان من است

    The Lord is my Shepherd

    It was almost twenty years ago that we saw the movie Boutique with my friend Milad. At that time, we used to repeat each movie’s dialogues to each other for months. One of the dialogues that remained in our minds from that movie and we kept repeating it was where “Doctor” and “Jehan” are leaning…

  • کلامم جهانم را می‌سازد

    My words creates my world

    I read this sentence in Florence Scovel Shinn’s book, which is a summary of the words of the new era movement. Well, there is no need to talk about the power of words here, just because I myself am researching and experiencing about words and the power of words, I wanted to bring it on…

  • نردبان خدا با من است

    God is with me, III

    When I first designed this type, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was trying to write the phrase God is with me in different ways. One of them was this writing drawn and without dots. Later, when I decided to print this slogan on a t-shirt, my first choice was this type.…

  • peace poster

    Only One

    I had become familiar with a theory called “the marriage between civilizations and religions” which was expressed by Ilyama. Its summary was that all civilizations, religions and cultures are moving towards connecting with each other. Something that has already happened and will continue to happen.Unlike “the clash of civilizations” and “dialogue among civilizations”, this theory…

  • Hand-writing

    You are..!

    My first experience in designing t-shirts was a set of 6. This design became the most popular work of that collection. The truth is, I didn’t like my handwriting because it was so sloppy and everyone who saw it said it was unreadable. So, in order to implement this idea, I first asked one of…

  • graphic tshirt design

    There is a sound

    I had received a wonderful book called The Flow of Divine Guidance, on the back of the book there was a text that began something like this: “He has come… He is knocking on the door… Open the door… Lest he leave…” So, I wanted to say that there is a sound, hear that there…

  • Thanks by Majid Arvanaghi

    Hi, Salam; Thanks!

    The first time I started designing t-shirts was back in 2018 when three of my friends and I embarked on a project. Our main goal was to convey our thoughts and messages to people through the medium of t-shirts. As the designer of the team, I created a collection of six designs. We carefully selected…

  • Stop Motion Experiences

    In 2018, I was a visual designer in the digital department and produced social media content. At that time, I had the chance to work with famous Iranian brands.