Minimal movie posters

Minimal Movie Posters

A few years ago, I saw minimal posters of Hollywood movies on the Internet (designed by different people after the movies has been released) and from then on, I thought how good it would be for Iranian movies to happen. At that time, I doubted that a clear symbol could be drawn from Iranian films, and I was not sure that they could be portrayed simply (minimally). During these few years, I talked to my firend Shahrouz several times about what would be an interesting job and what more functions could be taken from these posters, and … in any case, the project was never implemented until a few days ago, when the opportunity arose and I started brainstorming and designing for some of the movies I had seen and liked the most. The first film was Hamoon, which, well, came up with the idea of ​​glasses. Honestly, I had the idea a few years ago. Then I started Farhadi films and the result was exciting for me. Finding that element or symbol that could spark a movie reminder in my brain was a fascinating challenge for me. So I went to other films and you see this series that you have so far and of course it is still being completed.